Leaf Mosiac On Urban Water

A peaceful and atmospheric minimal drone.

A leaf, a reminder of last year's autumn, rests on a fresh new body of water. An island of calm in urban chaos.

Video coming soon.

Ray Of Light

A minimal drone focusing on one note and its harmonics.

The textures and harmonics normally hidden in the music are given a chance to drift.

Played in a studio with no light other than the one seen on the cover and in the video below.

Reviews of Ray Of Light

Ghost Harmonics delivers a deep and mellifluous tour de force with "Ray of Light." The multi-facetted and ever changing drone has a calming effect upon the mind, almost a healing effect.

By all means check out the accompanying video at vimeo.com/207966874 to see how this wonderful project came together. Superb ...

L. Tech on Bandcamp

An introduction to Ghost Harmonics

A brief interview where I talk about the origins and need for this project.

Each of these albums is a single continuous drone focusing on just one note and it's harmonics.

The results are peaceful, atmospheric and mysterious. The listener (and me, the creator) are given time to listen and explore the minimal music.

Produced and directed by Brin Coleman for Moon & Bacon productions