About Ghost Harmonics

Ghost Harmonics

Ghost Harmonics is the deep, slow minimal ambient drone music of Brin Coleman. That's Brin there on the left. He makes music as Bing Satellites, The Ambient Visitor, The Lovely Moon and harder electronic music as Blocker.

He is also a member of Daniel Land's new band and involved in Daniel's ambient project riverrun.

The idea of Ghost Harmonics had been perculating around my head for a while. I had been thinking of just how minimal my music could possibly be and still be something that the listener would find rewarding.
I already knew that beats were not needed and neither was a tune. The music doesn't even have to be in a particular key or be particularly musical. The brain seems to be able to find connections with very little information. It looks for and latches onto patterns.

The key to good music to me has always been authenticity and honesty. If the musician is just trying to express themselves, especially without regard for their ego, then no matter what kind of music it is, I am going to listen. I think honesty in music stands out a mile. People making music for attention? Well that's just not music to me.

Ghost Harmonics

One particularly stressful day on November 2016, I laid down on my couch, plugged in my guitar and pressed record. In this very comfortable position and in low light, I played one note and just stayed there. After 20 minutes the first Ghost Harmonics track was finished!

In playing one note for an extended period, elements of that note that normally remain hidden are more prominent. The music, or rather the drone, is hypnotic and mesmerising.

Each Ghost Harmonics track is essentially me trying to relax. You are pretty much listening to me meditating!

The set up is pretty basic: a guitar (either a 6 string or more often an 8 string with lower notes), an ebow (a electronic bow that can hold a note for a very long time) and a few effects in Ableton Live. It meeans I can record one of these tracks when I want (or at least, when I have time).

I can't really imagine what other people experience when they listen, but I generally feel happy and very relaxed after each recording.

In the video (on the left) and elsewhere, I describe this music as Urban Ambient.

Living near the centre of such a busy cosmopolitan city, of course, has an effect on me and my music. It is never quiet here. There is always noise - people, constant traffic, machinery. The drones I create in this project echo that in some regard: there is deep rubbling bass and although you are listening to one note, it is not particularly quiet.

And while I think this music fits into the New Age genre, much of that music is so smooth whereas this is gritty. I try to echo that sound in the images I take and choose for cover art.

Due to the simplistic nature of the set up and these recordings, expect new albums to appear fairly often.

I hope you enjoy this music. If you do, please share it far and wide. If you don't, keep it to yourself!

Brin Coleman, March 2017