A Beginner's Guide To Urban Ambient

The sounds of the city can hypnotise.
Finding peace in chaos.

A peaceful ambient drone.

Released 24 November 2016

Total running time: 1:08:52

Produced by Ghost Harmonics.

Cover photo: The Mancunian Way, Manchester, on a winter's evening in November 2016.

Reviews of A Beginner's Guide To Urban Ambient

From Manchester, UK, Ghost Harmonics is producing some of the most unique and riveting ambient / dark ambient music I've heard in a long, long time.

His Urban Ambient sound has a deep bass center from which other harmonic tones and oscillations emanate and resonate in hypnotic, all-encompassing drones.

This "Beginner's Guide" is a wonderful introduction to the creativity and musical insight of Ghost Harmonics. Rated "JA" ... Just Awesome!

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