A slow, warm drone.

The sun almost visible through the mist.
The bleak beauty of winter from the warmth of home.

The music is one continuous longform ambient drone focusing on just one note.

As you listen to the one note, you start to hear harmonics and textures that would normally be hidden in the music.

Released 12 December 2016

Total running time: 1:22:23

Produced by Ghost Harmonics.

Cover photo: Buildings in Manchester overlaid with the night sky over Mexico.

Reviews of Constellations

A breathtaking excursion into the cosmos. Without a doubt, this is modern Space music at its finest.

The bass drones and reverberations go deep into the sub-bass level, so you'll need the best speakers or headphones available to capture these gloriously deep tones. Downloading the FLAC version will also help.

"Constellations" is a stellar journey and a real audio treat for fans of deep bass / sub-bass music. Enjoy . . .

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