Fade Into Light

An epic ambient drone to round of 2017.

One continuous drone focusing on one note and its usually hidden harmonics.

This album uses four sources: the usual ebowed guitar drone plus three synths all playing the same note, one is a deep resonating bass, one is a deeper pad and one is more ethereal. The combination created a minimal drone that slowly drifts.

While most Ghost Harmonics albums have tended to be around the 40 minute mark, I have enjoyed creating this longer drone. That probably means this won't be the last of these!

Released 8 December 2017

Total running time: 1:59:00

All music written, performed and produced by Brin Coleman
at MCos, Manchester during November 2017.

Cover design and photography by Brin Coleman.

Reviews of Fade Into Light

Ghost Harmonics takes us on a wondrous journey through light and sound. This 2 hour soundscape covers practically the entire spectrum of sound, from layers of deep bass to wafts of soothing mid-range, to lofty pinnacles of celestial notes.

Immersive, intriguing and quite congenial, "Fade Into Light" is a worthy addition to your ambient drone collection.

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