Light On Sound

Slow washes and atmospheres drifting around you.

One continuous, drifting ambient drone.

As usual, I play one note on the guitar with the ebow, focussing on that note and bringing the normally hidden harmonics forward.
As with the previous album ( there are also layers of several synths all playing the same note in cascading loops of different lengths. These synths start the drone before being joined by guitar.

Instruments used on this album:
stratocaster played with ebow, Novation Bass Station, Novation KS rack, Novation K Station, Korg TR rack, Waldorf Blofeld, all played through various effects in Ableton Live.

Released 31 July 2017

Total running time: 39:43

All music and art by Ghost Harmonics.

Recorded and produced at MCos, Manchester, June 2017.

Cover photo: Close up of the 8 string guitar and ebow, used for this recording.