Monochrome Drone II

A slow, warm drone.

The sun almost visible through the mist.
The bleak beauty of winter from the warmth of home.

The music is one continuous longform ambient drone focusing on just one note.

As you listen to the one note, you start to hear harmonics and textures that would normally be hidden in the music.

Watch the promo video below.

Video filmed in MCos in February 2017.

Filmed and edited by Brin Coleman for Moon & Bacon productions

Released 22 February 2017

Total running time: 53:45

Music, photography and design by Ghost Harmonics

Cover photo: Somewhere in Cheshire on a grey day

Reviews of Monochrome Drone II

Like a powerful electro-magnetic force field, "Monochrome Drone II" pulls the listener deeper and deeper into its inner core.

The electronic hypno-drone strengthens and transforms as the track develops, leaving the listener in a euphoric, blissed-out state of mind.

A recommended experience . . .

L. Tech on Bandcamp

Another dark ambient masterpiece brought to the discerning listener by Ghost Harmonics. Almost 1 hour of aural bliss for name your price. The minimalist drone complements beautifully most altered states.
Highly recommended.

Jonathan on Bandcamp