Ray Of Light

A minimal drone focusing on one note and its harmonics.

The textures and harmonics normally hidden in the music are given a chance to drift.

Played in a studio with no light other than the one seen on the cover.

Watch the video:

Released 22 March 2017

Total running time: 40:30

All music and art by Ghost Harmonics.

Recorded and produced at MCos, Manchester, February 2017.

Cover photo: Taken while recording this album - the shadow on the guitar through studio lights.

Reviews of Ray Of Light

Ghost Harmonics delivers a deep and mellifluous tour de force with "Ray of Light." The multi-facetted and ever changing drone has a calming effect upon the mind, almost a healing effect.

By all means check out the accompanying video at vimeo.com/207966874 to see how this wonderful project came together. Superb ...

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