The Practical Uses and Effects of Seeing Music

One continuous deeply ambient drone focusing on just one note and its usually hidden harmonics.

This drone starts in one place takes you on an intriguing journey.

This is a one take live performance with one note played on an ebowed guitar, a Roland SH-32 synth and a Novation KS rack synth. All three sources can be used to explore the harmonics of the main note.

A strange but interesting spatial effect happens toward the end of the piece (get in between those speakers or put on some headphones) as the main note and the harmonics from the three sources interact. It was a pleasing surprise to me. I hope you enjoy it too.

I started this project as an experiment to see just how minimal my music could be. Somehow these one note wonders sound bigger and more epic than much of my other music. I think this means I may try something even more minimal. I'm not sure how or what but I like a challenge!

Released 14 April 2018

Total running time: 42:43

All music written, performed and produced by Brin Coleman
at MCos, Manchester in February 2018.

Photography and design by Brin Coleman.

Cover photo: A foggy night in Manchester