Whispers Of Our Industrial Past

Something a little darker than usual.
A deep, brooding minimalist ambient drone.

Shadows and sounds just out of reach.
Whispering voices. Echoes of a past all but erased.

Released 20 May 2017

Total running time: 40:59

All music and art by Ghost Harmonics.

Recorded and produced at MCos, Manchester, March 2017.

Cover photo: Stormy autumn evening, Manchester, 2016.

Reviews of Whispers Of Our Industrial Past

Whispers of Our Industrial Past is an intelligent, contemplative journey through space and time. The deep, pensive drone conjures up images of broken machinery, dilapidated warehouses, deserted factories, and abandoned structures.

Creating a mental picture and a sense of nostalgia through sound shaping & design, this is another excellent and thought-provoking offering by Ghost Harmonics.

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